If you are in the business of selling knowledge and expertise, the value of your company extends well beyond financial measures. Likely, your most valuable asset is your people. Attracting and retaining the right people in a fast moving industry is a challenge.

You want to get the most out of your employees, all the while securing that you are an employer of choice. Driving success through people means ensuring that your people align with your growth strategy and ability to acquire and retain profitable customers.

The Celemi Tango™ Challenge

The challenge is to attract and retain the right clients and employees in order to create short-term profit and long-term value. In the Celemi Tango business simulation, your employees will get the opportunity to develop the skills required to fully leverage their people as a source of competitive advantage, and execute a successful business strategy.

What Your People Will Learn

Every participant will be part of a team. Teams compete for the best market situation. The participants will learn how to manage people intensive organizations in fierce competition – competition for both clients and employees. At the end of the simulation, your people will be able to carry out a next-step exercise, in which people are invited to draw conclusions about their own areas of responsibility. This way, the learning experience from the simulation results in long-term, useful knowledge.

Having participated in Celemi Tango, your employees will be better equipped to:

  • Gain a competitive edge – attracting the right employees and clients
  • Strategically plan and staff projects for optimal capacity utilization
  • Maximize cash flow and profitability
  • Help grow your company’s know-how
  • Retain and develop your people in line with their goals and your company’s strategic vision

Who Celemi Tango™ is for

Celemi Tango is useful for senior and middle managers responsible for strategic leadership and financial growth.

Who Delivers Celemi Tango™?

A certified facilitator will guide you and your peers through the simulation, using a software program to perform a detailed yearly analysis and comparison of the team’s performances along a range of objective factors. This leads to intense discussions and links to participants’ experiences in their own business life.

Business Issues Celemi Tango™ Helps Solving

  • Strategic Leadership Development
  • Attract and retain the right employees – and the right customers
  • Develop offers, tools and processes for efficient delivery
  • Talent Management
  • Short term profit vs. long-term value
  • Organizational culture
  • Brand image and reputation