Manage Financial Variables


The marketplace is rapidly changing and competition is fierce. The challenges for a management team are vast. A number of key people, such as the management team, in an organization can strongly influence the entire organization. To boost productivity and profitability in your organization, making the right investments at the right time – to get the right return – can be one of the toughest challenges. The simulation Celemi Decision Base™addresses these.

The Celemi Decision Base™ Challenge

The participants are divided into teams consisting of management teams. The teams are comprised of finance, production, marketing, and corporate intelligence. They get to compete for customers in a rough market.

The teams will have to manage the strategic, operational, and financial variables that will help lower costs and penetrate new markets.

Tough Investment Decisions to Take

  • Invest now or later
  • Pursue all markets or just a few
  • Take the lead or be an early follower
  • Build efficient assembly lines or flexible flow shops
  • Stick to the basics or pursue the cutting edge

What Your People Will Learn

Through Decision Base your employees will learn to better utilize the financial statements and rations as planning tools. These will help boost productivity and profitability.

In the simulation, they will learn to utilize these statements over a fictional 10-year-period. Working together, they’ll learn more about what financial relationships between department looks like. Understanding this makes it much easier for employees to pull in the same direction.

What Your People Will Get

  • An improved productivity through better teamwork, communication and coordination
  • Become aligned around the “big picture” and a deeper level understanding of strategy and tactical initiatives.
  • Be able to take better decisions for optimal allocation of limited resources.
  • Become increasingly responsive to internal and external customer needs.
  • A heightened business literacy and financial acumen
  • A deeper understanding of the overall business impact of financial decisions.

Who Celemi Decision Base™ is for

  • All personnel with financial responsibilities in services, manufacturing, production or other capital-intensive companies can build cross-functional insight and align with a common vocabulary of performance measures.
  • Sales people, service providers and consultancies gain a better understanding of their clients’ business conditions.
  • Business schools, corporate universities and academies can use this as part of their management development track to introduce and apply strategy, business economics and finance competencies.

Business Issues it Helps Solving

  • Market share
  • Profitability
  • Return on capital employed
  • Cash flow
  • Cost of capital
  • Return on investments in markets, products and production
  • EVA™ – Economic Value Added (optional)
  • CVA™ – Cash flow Value Added (optional)
  • NPV – Net Present Value (optional)
  • ABC – Activity-Based Costing (optional)